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Our Story

When my brother and I were young, our mother sometimes used to dress us similarly... same shirts, pants, and shoes. We always fought when that happened, and I still hate him for leaving permanent marks on my arms! 🤣

The pictures I have from those days are my childhood treasures. Once again, we are using clothing and designs to connect with each other. Although the specifics are different, the spirit remains the same.

Instead of aiming solely for profits, we would like Yammeya’s products to instill a sense of community and fraternity into our customers. These are the foundations of society, and we would like to reignite the fun in meeting and socializing.

We rise by lifting others

Along with that, Yammeya is committed to the environment. In The Yammeya Charity Program, we have partnered with Trees for the Future to help combat deforestation. By buying at Yammeya, you’ll be proudly contributing towards improving the climate and livelihood of countries in the African continent where Trees for the Future operates.

More Info?

Take a look at our mission, discover more about us and feel free to contact me and Roberto. We love meeting new people! If you already like Yammeya, then click on the button below to browse our collections.

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