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Product Size Guide

At Yammeya, we care about the products quality and a good fit. We have released this exhaustive size guide to help you select the hottest, best-fitting clothing. It's time to get that measuring tape out and wake your inner tailor.

Disclaimer : For the binge-eaters, we advise you to order one size larger than your current requirements if you plan on gaining 5 kg during the delivery period. 💪

T-shirts Measurement

Yammeya designs t-shirt sizes to fit the following body measurements. Product measurements may vary by up to 2" (5 cm), but you can still use them as a definitive guide.

Product Measurement


Place the tape's end beside the collar at the tee's top (The Highest Point Shoulder) and pull the tape measure to the t-shirt's bottom.


Puff your chest out like the Big Show and measure yourself around the fullest part of your chest. Keep the tape measure horizontal for an accurate result.


Place the end of the tape at the center back of the collar (don't break your arm trying to do this, you can ask for help). Then pull the tape measure along the top seam of the sleeve and when you get to the shoulder, hold the tape in place at the shoulder and continue to pull down the sleeve until you reach the hem of the sleeve.

Some people prefer slightly longer or shorter sleeves. Keep that view into consideration so that you get the best size.

Choosing smart care methods can help you to extend the life and improve the fit of our products. Take a look at our Care Instructions.

Size Chart

Each product has its size, and it varies according to the type of clothing. You can refer to the table specified in the description on the product page. If you find this page annoying, just hit us up, and we'll sort you out in no time!

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