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Information regarding Covid-19

The global social distancing measures are affecting all of us, and Yammeya is no exception. Although we are trying our best, order fulfillment and shipping is taking more time than usual. We promise that our laziness isn't the cause of this 😊

UPDATE | January 14, 2021

Things are normal for all products' types, and we're not expecting any significant delays.

To ensure the best service and quickest delivery, we're actively communicating with our fulfillment partner and following the latest news on COVID-19. The numbers mentioned above are an estimate; the actual deliveries could take much less or more time.

This is a difficult time for everyone, and we thank you for your patience. Health is the number one priority right now, so stay safe and wear a mask. Here's a short guide on which masks to wear:

Covid 19 Yammeya

We'll continue posting updates as they come. Thank you for your patience. Remember to take care of your own health. Check the guidelines and updates from the World Health Organization and Center of Disease and Control Prevention for staying safe during the pandemic.

Remember: you can't have all the best shirts and clothes if, unfortunately, you get COVID-19. Stay safe inside, and let us handle your Yammeya deliveries.