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Charity Program

With our charity program, we are not just planting trees. Yammeya is changing lives and saving the climate.

Respect for nature should be the utmost priority for all businesses. There’s no joke or fun here: it’s a simple fact that our surroundings enable our lives and we must work to protect our natural environment. To make you proud as customers of Yammeya, we are giving back to nature in many ways:

The Yammeya Charity Program

We have partnered with Trees for the Future to improve lives in the less privileged African countries like Tanzania, Cameroon, Uganda and Kenya. This partnership allows us to start taking action by planting trees to improve the soil and climate of these countries so that their citizens can benefit from higher crop yields. The Trees for the Future foundation continues to work with thousands of farming families across the African continent.

With every order placed with us, YOU will help feed a hungry child and bring a smile on his face.

For every product we sell, Trees for the Future plants a tree in the most impoverished countries of Eastern and Central Africa. But Yammeya’s job does not end here. 

Yammeya’s work with Farmers

Apart from tree planting initiatives, our collaboration with small-scale farmers allows us to impart training, materials, and mentorship to farmers who struggle to make the most of their meager land resources.

This aspect helps Yammeya extend support to farming families in many different ways. They grow a different type of trees for various purposes:

  • Fast-growing trees such as Acacia, Sesbania, and Cassia are planted to produce fertilizer, fuelwood, and animal fodder.
  • Fruit & Nut trees such as Cashew, Avocado, Citrus, and Mangoes are grown as they provide food for the families to both eat and sell.
  • Timber trees such as Mahogany, Oak, and Cedar are considered long term investments due to the time needed for the trees to grow.

Overall, adopting a wholesome approach helps us give these poor people the life they deserve. On one of our trips, I got overly attached to one of the families because of the resilience and strength they displayed in managing their lives, but that’s a story for another time. Inbox us and I’ll be happy to talk about my trip, and more on how exactly Yammeya supports these people.

Success is guaranteed

The team at Trees for the Future has developed a meticulous monitoring system that observes the number of trees planted, who and where they are, and collect data. In this way, their team can manage and track the successes and problems, and help can be provided. Most importantly, Yammeya gets a full record of our contributions, which helps us retain the feeling of pride that comes with protecting the environment.