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The Best RPGs of All Time
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The Best RPGs of All Time

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Humans are bound by their circumstances. And as much as some of us want, we can't be Batman or Superman. But, the fictional world is there for this exact reason.

Do you want to assume a role? If yes, then RPGs have got your back. Ah, and for the boomers - it stands for "role-playing games." There are so many of them, so we have created a list of the five best RPGs of all time (because ain't nobody got time for the top 10!).

  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Ay yes, we loved The Witcher on Netflix too! But hold tight, because now you get to be a Witcher yourself! What?

Yes, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was ahead of its time when it was released in 2015. The world is fictional, but every decision you will take has real consequences so watch out, buddy!

  1. NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata is a puzzle. The experience depends entirely on your decisions (because you are playing a role isn't it). The graphics are a true work of art... so much so that for a second, you forget that you are playing a video game.

The characters have backstories, but their future is dependant on what you do with them. The levels are like a fruit cocktail: you can never guess what comes next! (But we can guarantee that it'll be delicious).

  1. Fallout 2

You know those shows where the first few episodes feel like a draggggg, but if you hold tight and wait, you thank yourself for giving it a chance (Breaking Bad fans can relate). Fallout 2 is just like that show; you will struggle with the initial rounds, but once you get the hang of it… it's a treat!

The storyline is open-ended as you get to be your own storyteller! (and if you have played it before, then welcome to the camp! Are you the new recruitment?).

  1. Pillars of Eternity

Games are just like real life: you win some, and you lose some. So if you are willing to give some edge to the Pillars of Eternity for the mediocre graphics, you will be rewarded with the BEST gameplay.

The storyline is insane, you will hear a lot of dialogues, but that will keep you hooked to the screen! There is no rush to complete the round, so you get to savor the surroundings (as the fight sequences are balanced).

  1. Dragon Age: Origins.

When millennials rant about the "old-times" and how it was… better, this is what they mean (who is cutting onions here?). Dragon Age was released in 2009, but we can bet it is still one of the best RPGs out there!

The storyline is not linear, so you get to decide the course of the whole game; every action you take will build up your next level's storyline. The combat sequences will blow your mind (chef's kiss). You will have to plan your moves, but it's so much fun that you won't mind putting in some extra effort!