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The Best Platform Games of All Time
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The Best Platform Games of All Time

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We all remember snaking our parent's phones and playing Bounce on them: one ball and sooo many levels.
It was fun, and it still is! There are many platform games around, just waiting for you to jump in to relive your childhood. And don't worry if you are not a gamer; you just gotta press two buttons! Here are the top 5 platform games of all time.
  1. Aladdin

Yes, it's not the fanciest game out there. The graphics are okay, and the gameplay is simple. But sometimes, simple is all you need to... put a smile on that face (Batman fans unite!). There's one character and multiple rounds, so you have to just sit and press a total of two buttons to jump into your childhood again.
  1. Mario

Ah, how can we forget the mustache legend? Platforms games and the Mario series go hand in hand. You might think it is such a bore, but trust us when we say it was THE THING back then, and millennials would agree… it still is.

The simplicity of the gameplay will never make you feel like a noob like all these fancy games do! PUBG has got nothing on king Mario! (tears)

We bet the millennials reading this are crying some happy tears right now. When the world was simple, and graphics were shitty… but the gameplay was still addictive.

But Sonic can still give the new games a run for their money. The blue hedgehog has got some crazy speed, and we bet you still can't keep up with him! Because… he is the OG (maybe after Mario).
  1. Bionic Commando: Rearmed

Alright, now that we are done cribbing about the gross graphics of some of these games - let's talk about another legendary platform game, BUT with better pictures (finally). Bionic Commando: Rearmed is a step up from its predecessor.

The creators knew they got it right the first time, but now they are back and better than ever. Imagine fries but with garlic mayo… yes, ketchup is good. Still, garlic mayo is better (just an analogy y'all, chill).
  1. Rayman Legends

There is so much action on the screen that it can confuse you for a minute. But that's where the real player in you needs to come out. All these green friends want your help… one wrong move and poof, they are dead, and so is the game!

So, one step at a time, but once you get the hang of it - you won't even think about playing any other game! (It's time we give Mario some break).
  1. Prince of Persia

Yup, Alladin and PoP are definitely cousins or better… brothers! But besides that, it's different from all other platform games.

You are not stuck in similar scenarios. You get to move around and deal with the levels. It keeps you hooked, and well, heheheh... that character is HOT! (Kudos to the graphics team).

So now that we’re done with the list (and shamelessly admiring characters), it’s time to speak to us. What oldie but goldie did we miss out on?