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The Best Places to Visit in USA
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The Best Places to Visit in USA

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The vaccines have started to roll in, and you know what that means? Holidays!

If you're gonna visit the United States this summer, here are some places that you want to put on your itinerary.

  1. Grand Canyon

The skylines and bridges are great, but nothing beats nature. The Grand Canyon is one such location. And yes, we know - you might think that it is overhyped but just standing on top and loving the view makes you feel like you are at the top of the world and under it at the same time. Woah... that was some deep stuff, but you get the point.

Fact: Our fav celebrity, ROBERT DOWNEY JR., loves the Grand Canyon. Psst: Watch his movie Due Date, and you'll see what we're talking about.

  1. New York City

If you don't dig the idea of nature, then New York is the perfect stop for you. It has everything that you can think of. Great food. Amazing people. Gorgeous skyscrapers. Don't forget to try that 1-dollar pizza ($1.5 now, lol). We suggest that you take some extra time out to visit Times Square (during the night) and enjoy a walk alone (or with a special someone).

  1. Miami

This location is for all beach lovers - summers and beaches go hand in hand. You can book a flight to Miami, pack a few tank tops, and trust us that you will have the time of yourself. BUT, don't forget to pack tons of sunscreen. As the sun is always in its full glory, your skin might not react well to it.

  1. China Town Los Angeles

Another top-notch location to visit when you are in America or Los Angeles, to be precise, is Chinatown. Why? Because you will get an entire package deal: enjoy the shopping area, delicious food, AND an Instagram-worthy photo walk.

  1. Disney Land

Age does not matter: we're all united when it comes to Disney Land. You cannot skip this place if you have grown up watching Disney movies because the place is enormous, so make sure you have some maps with you. Wear some awesome cartoons, carry a water bottle and sunscreen with you, and don't hold back from enjoying yourself, even if you are 30.

Or 40
Or 50.

  1. Mount Lee

You have seen that Hollywood sign, but we know that you have never been to Mount Lee. You have to climb up, and when you are up on the mountain, you can look at the Hollywood sign IN REAL LIFE.

There is nothing too exciting about it. But some things in life should be enjoyed regardless.

  1. Asheville

If, by any chance, you want to feel like you are in England while being in America, visit Asheville - and feel like a royal (Bridgerton gang). The site is stunning to look at, making an excellent backdrop for your Instagram. But we suggest that you forget Instagram and Facebook for a while and enjoy yourself. You can update your socials later.

It's a good getaway, and you won't find more places like this in America. So pack your bags already!

  1. Nashville

Some people like the city and some are interested in the countryside. But, what if you enjoy both? Then Nashville is the perfect spot for you!

You won't find it flashy and touristy. But, the city has a unique, different vibe that you don't get anywhere else. There's something so indescribably good...oh wait. Why don't you go and tell us about it?

  1. Montana

Listen up! Have you seen Breaking Bad, the legendary series? Do you remember the first few scenes in that RV? Yes, Montana looks just like that except, there is no ice here! (pun intended).

Seriously though, Montana is a sight to enjoy.

  1. The Beaches

To top it all off: There are so many beaches in America. Choose the one that is near you and enjoy the sound of those waves crashing! You can also plan a BBQ, and if you are lazy (like most of us at Yammeya), then some takeaway won't hurt.

Here's a challenge: wear any beach-y Yammeya t-shirt and sit on the sand during sunsets. You WILL be blown away.