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The Best Places to Visit in Europe
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The Best Places to Visit in Europe

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The trophy did not come home… but you can surely visit Europe this summer. Yes, we know that Europe is enormous - that's why we have shortlisted the best places for your wild side to see this summer.

  1. Paris

You just CAN'T go wrong with Paris - it has the views and that "vibe" that we all dig. Everything in Paris looks like something out of a movie - the streets, churches, and museums. Yes, it's a bit expensive, and you might end up broke, but you can easily plan a budget-friendly trip and plan while enjoying your visit to the best. Do your research and find the best deals.

You don't have to dine at fancy restaurants - croissants and coffee with the right company are all that you need to enjoy yourself (and yes, your gram will be lit after this trip).

  1. Rome

It's coming home to ROME! (see what we did there?). Rome is a place that you don't want to miss on your Europe tour. A city with breathtaking street views and the best food. Plan your trip however you like it, but do not forget to include a photo walk at some famous attraction like the Colosseum to get AWESOME GLADIATOR FEELS!

  1. Santorini

Yes, Santorini always looks like a dreamy Windows wallpaper (Sorry, Apple fans), and you'll witness the absolute best sunsets. Let's not forget about the food: all the seafood by the beautiful, clean and blue sea will surely be a treat.

Feeling like you're not in Heaven? Santorini will fix that for you.

  1. Liverpool

This is for the Peaky Blinders fans. Yes, you can just dress like Tommy Shelby and live that swaggy street life. You may not find any high-end places there, but it will surely be a nice add-up to your Europe tour. And, please do not pack T-shirts for the trip - dress-up to live up to Sir Shelby's style.


  1. Edinburgh

Looks somewhat similar to Liverpool and all BUT classier. Don't expect that sun to shine on you. It's going to be all gloomy (but don't FEEL like that). Our favorite tourist attraction that you don't wanna miss is The Royal. Still, some rare places that everybody misses (you should not) are Arthur's Seat and the Salisbury Crags. Just sitting at the top will make your eyes swell with joy.

  1. Istanbul

This is probably the most unexpected one but trust us when we say that you'll have the best time of your life in Istanbul. Especially the Blue Mosque and the Istiklal square. The food is kinda bland, but you can keep some hot sauce in your backpack or ask for an extra spice whenever the chef is cooking it up for ya.


  1. Dubrovnik

Colorful fields and excellent hiking trails… it's like the best countryside life. If you are looking to get away from city life and just enjoy living in a small town, Dubrovnik is the place. Most tourist websites don't add Dubrovnik in their plan because of its low popularity. But they say that the least traveled roads have the best secrets.

  1. Budapest, Hungary

Now that you're almost broke (hopefully not), Budapest is a fun place cheaper than the rest of the countries on our list. You need to explore the streets and just have fun rather than staying at hotels and only going out to eat.

Do you know what Budapest is most famous for?

  1. Stonehenge

Wait right here, and Google this name. Yes! You definitely recognize this place. People say that these rocks are the remnants of astrology practices in old times. But regardless of what it is, the area is definitely fascinating.

There are many weird stories of how these rocks came to be. We want to hear yours. Email us! we're bored of staying home tbh.

  1. Matterhorn

We know that you are now bored of the plains and the Royal Architecture. So we're closing it down with Matterhorn. The mountains are breathtaking (literally) and the views are splendid, but if you’re going to Matterhorn for some outdoor adventure, you gotta wear the right hoodie. You may not be able to climb it, but it's stunning to look at from afar!

But if you're a climbing junkie, this is probably the best place in the whole world.