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The Best Places to Visit In Australia
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The Best Places to Visit In Australia

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Usually when people think of traveling, Australia is never on their priority list. Mainly because it’s so FAR away from the rest of the world. BUT if you are looking to get away from the routine tourist destination (cough, cough Maldives), then Australia is the place to be. 

And yes, we know that Australia is HUGE. Like really huge. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best places to visit in Australia. 

1. Melbourne


Ah? It is kinda obvious. The bustling city with countless rooftop restaurants and coffee-obsessed Australians is the perfect place to savor high-end food and shopping stores. “”Shop till you drop” is the perfect mantra for tourists here!

2. Sydney


Unlike Melbourne, Sydney is like a laid-back city with the best food and stunning views. There are also many famous tourist spots like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge that you might have seen on the internet or the calendar (90’s kids would know). 

3. Tasmania


Tasmania is so stunning that it’s hard to believe that it really exists on this earth. And no, don’t be fooled by the picture that it is just for nature lovers. The nightlife in Tasmania is out of this world—you will find great food and gin at every other restaurant with a bunch of cool people to be friends with. TBH, it’s surprising how friendly Tasmanians are.

4. Perth


You know when you want to be in an oasis but have the perks of a city too? Perth is the answer to your prayers! It’s a metropolitan oasis where you enjoy the best of both world: Perth is filled with nature with hints of small, trendy restaurants to fulfill your cravings. If you are on a short trip but want to explore both the city and countryside, Perth is your best bet. 

5. Sunreef


Do you ever just want to swim with whales? Or just find Nemo? Sunreef is located in The Wharf Mooloolaba (try to pronounce that again). And it’s like a dream for all the water babies. You have a variety of water sports and the most intimate experience with marine life. Take a full day out and have a unique experience. Also, you might wanna get a waterproof phone (Not water-resistant).

6. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Great Barrier

Before we begin, here’s a cool fact about Great Barrier Reef Marine Park - it is also visible from outer space. BUT you’re not Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk (unless they read out blogs too…) so you will have to settle with just going there on your own. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park has a stunning view as it’s filled with corals and the sky just blends in with the sea. So it’s a lot of blues to kill your inner blues (oooh smooth).

7. Daintree National Park

Daintree National Park

If your childhood memories include binge-watching Man vs Wild on the TV, then Daintree National Park has a lot in store for you. The forest is filled with stunning views that lead to a  serene beach. You can put your Dora the Explorer mode on and go wild in nature (but be careful because we really do live ONCE).

8. Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

Australia is filled with beaches and forests that will give you your nature dose, but Great Ocean Road is unique in its own way. The big rocks on the surface of the sea are gorgeous to look at but at the same time, they are a reminder of how small we humans are in comparison to this universe. 

9. Kings Canyon Rim Walk, Northern Territory

Kings Canyon

This is for all the hiking enthusiasts, you will have to TRY HARD to conquer this trail. So consider it as a challenge and do not forget the SPF (unless you want to look like subunit chip) and a chilly water bottle. 


10. Barossa Valley


Lush green valleys and the perfect dose of the summer sun. Barossa Valley is the countryside of Australia that very few people explore and that’s the best thing about it: you can have quiet own time while enjoying the best of views of Australia.