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The Best Places to Visit in Asia
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The Best Places to Visit in Asia

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Working and making money is fine BUT taking time out to spend that cash is important. For your next travel destination, we have a suggestion. Can you guess?
There is only one word to describe it, diversity. Yes, we are talking about Asia. Here are the best places in Asia that you need to visit this summer (but keep that SPF with you).
  1. Bali


If you are into travel, you have definitely seen many YouTubers visiting Bali. And yes, it is beautiful - but on top of that, it is full of tourist attractions that you will not find at any other place like Uluwatu and the scenic Tanah Lot temples.
Bali is popular amongst all sorts of travellers, from sophisticated business travelers to low-key tourists. Run off to Bali and find out why.
  1. Pakistan


What? Yes, we know that you are frowning right now. But, Pakistan is not what you expect. Sure, it has been through a lot but now, many tourists are storming the country, and rightfully so. The culture, diversity, and food are one of a kind. Deserts, Rivers, and Mountains... It’s like everything you want to go to, but within one country.
Oh…and Yammeya has hidden a special tour guide in Pakistan just for YOU. Just WhatsApp +92 302 0438 001 and you’ll be in contact with our man. He’s super-friendly, super-awesome and well, super-everything.
And repeat after me: “Jinne Lor nhi wekheya, O jameya ee nhi.” Our WhatsApp man will happily explain what this means!
  1. Jaipur


Jaipur is everything that you imagine India to be - beautiful architecture, culture, and spicy food (go easy on those curries). One of the main tourist attractions in Jaipur is the famous Hawa Mahal: make sure you don’t miss this spot!
  1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

kuala lumpur

There is something so fascinating about Kuala Lumpur. The city is filled with skyscrapers and state-of-the-art buildings but the culture is still embedded in its roots. You will get the taste of both worlds - a technologically advanced city that is culturally diverse.
One of our favorite spots is the world's largest aviary bird park located at the heart of the city. Before you go, research WHY it was named Kuala Lumpur for a nice surprise.
  1. Palawan Island, Philippines

palawan island

If you have an affinity with nature, then the Palawan Island of the Philippines is the place to be. The island has beautiful water bodies that are so clean that you can actually see your reflection in them (please don’t litter). Take out all your beachy outfits and have a great time - we suggest you take some friends with you.

  1. Phuket


Phuket is another place that will suit nature lovers. Even if you are more into cities, trust us when we say that lying on the side of the beach while waiting for your cocktail is the perfect holiday dream! The views are stunning and since Phuket is popular among tourists, you will meet a lot of new and cool people.
Oh…and it’s super cheap.
  1. Tokyo


This is not a place that will soothe you as a traveler - the city is crowded and fast-paced. But that’s the fun part.

Take out your backpack and just stroll through the city taking everything in. You don’t even need to dine at fancy places, the convenience stores have the best local food and do a better job than any dining restaurants.
  1. Osaka, Japan


Osaka is like a Tokyo detox. After all that excretion, you will need a laid-back place to just “CHILL”. Osaka is the place that you are looking for. The city is small but picturesque. And the locals are friendly - so you will have a good time just spending a few days here.
  1. Hoi An, Vietnam

hoi an

Hoi An, Vietnam is the popular “old town” aesthetic that you see popping on your Instagram. The city is different from what you have seen so far but that is the most fascinating part about it.
On top of this, the city also features great restaurants and cultural heritage sites. Don’t go out dining at the fancy restaurants - eat local and support local (don’t be that guy who eats cereal for breakfast at holidays).
  1. Beijing, China


Well, you are in for a treat here. Beijing features some of the most popular tourist attractions that people adore. For starters - The Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, and the Temple of Heaven. There is so much to unpack that you need like a week in here.
And don’t be out there shouting KONICHIWA in China. Just DON’T!