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The Best FPS of All Time
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The Best FPS of All Time

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First-person shooter games are like the OG gaming niche. You wouldn't qualify as a gamer if you did not shoot your shots back in the day on your desktop after school. But now they are better than ever… the graphics are insane, and the competition is high!

So don't waste your time looking through the gazillion FPS games out there. Here are the top five Best FPS Games of All Time. Email us RN if we have missed your favorite one! (if we like it, the list can get updated *wink*).
  1. Doom Eternal

The creators gave it the best name… it really is Doomsday in there. Everything that we like about video games is squeezed into one!

You need some basic shooting skills but don't worry about the technique because you are literally in eternal doom here, and no one cares. Just gotta shoot your shot and hope for the best here!

  1. Destiny 2

Destiny is loved by all… but the creators came with all guns blazing and created another beast. Destiny 2 is a serious upgrade from the original. You land in a more complex world with an intricate storyline, but it still is an FPS genre (because you still have to shoot).

If you play well and shoot well, then success is your DESTINY! But even if you don't, there's always a sequel available! (get it?)

  1. Call of Duty: Warzone

When you think of FPS, a few names pop up… but the creators of Call of Duty: Warzone have gone all-in on this one, and it requires all our attention. All the new elements feel like a cold refreshing beer with a hint of kombucha. Still, they somehow manage to give you a nostalgic vibe - like your childhood corner shop.

You need to strategize your moves as there is a storyline that will guide you through the missions! So get ready... The Duty is calling!
  1. Black Mesa

You know when the backbenchers take the first rank during the final exams, and everyone else is left in disbelief? Yes, Black Mesa is precisely that. It has been developed by a fan who took Half-life and added some seasoning to the mix. And successfully crafted some detailed gameplay. You won't think for a second that this is made by a fan and not by a top-notch corporation.

It will restore your faith in all the backbenchers! (happy tears).


Ahhh… the good old Battlefield. This game has been making headlines since we were children, and five different versions of Battlefield have kept gamers busy for decades. 2021 is going to bring us an awesome, super-realistic BATTLEFIED 2042 with special MELEE ANIMATIONS.

Not much can be done anymore and we have no choice: getting addicted to Battlefield and playing it all night long is what any gamer would do.


Robots are the future… but for the present, they are the players in this epic game. There are lots of skins and modes that you can play in; sure, they don't make the game better, but it does serve the looks, and we are here for it!

The best part? You get to shoot all your enemies but with a layer of an emotional storyline. It sure can't get better than this!