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The Best Comic Book Stories of All Time
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The Best Comic Book Stories of All Time

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Comic books! Ah, don't we all love them?

If you don't read comics, start now.

And if you don’t know where to start, we’ve compiled a list of comic book stories that you’re guaranteed to fall in love with.

  1. Old Man Logan

The story features an old Wolverine. The world that the story is set in has no superheroes. No, don't stop reading just yet. There's a twist to this story.
Like many of us, Wolverine takes up the job of a delivery man – while he's at work, he finds out that his family has been murdered by the...The Hulk Gang.

So, to avenge his family's murder, the long-lost warrior inside Wolverine wakes up, and the rest is history. But what is so special about the story? Well, you can watch it play out in a movie.

With Hugh Jackman. Yes, the sizzling hot Hugh Jackman.Now we're talking!
  1. The Killing Joke

We all adore Batman, but many people love The Joker more. Well, this story is for them.

The Killing Joke can be described in two words: "origin story." The writer digs deep into why Joker turned into a villain.

Some of you might end up liking Joker more after reading his story (in that case, we warn you!)

  1. Civil War

"A Roller-Coaster Ride" – Civil War will be a treat to read and watch (it's a graphic comic). Mark Miller has weaved a universe that doesn't shy away from bloodshed and emotion (it's okay if you cry reading it, but please use a tissue to wipe your nose).

Plus, there is also a ⍟ Captain America movie about it. What else?

  1. Batman R.I.P

Yesssss! Even we gasped reading the title! This story is a tad bit different from what we have read so far. There's so much suspense that you might end up reading the book in just a few hours. 🦇

(And Nah, fam, I'm not telling you what happened. Don't google it either!).

  1. For Tomorrow

Superman – we all love him, don't we? Well, this story shows him in a different light. The character is more humanized, and the twists are dark… but hey! It seems more authentic as imperfections are normal. You might find some relatable things in your favorite superhero.

And you'll get to see some other heroes too – Wonder Woman, Rocket Boy, Batman, and many others. (Okay, maybe one of these is a fake.)

  1. The Death of Elektra

Okay... okay. We're noticing some raised eyebrows already, but this story from The Daredevil is one of the best-written comic stories of all time. The characters and story arcs are perfect. I agree that it might not be your cup of tea.

But sometimes trying coffee isn't a bad idea! (Sorry, we know that was lame 😊 )

  1. Batman - The Dark Knight Returns

Haha, yes. We're playing it safe with our options now. But really, there is no contender when it comes to Batman – The Dark Knight Returns.

The story is dark and grim, but that's what makes it so different.

  1. Watchmen

No surprises here! We all know how brilliant Watchmen was! If you haven't read it, what are you waiting for?

Watch 'em!

  1. Preacher

The Preacher is a favorite of all critics. And rightfully so. The story features Jesse Custer – who preaches in the small town of Annville.

The story unfolds when Jesse gets possessed by a supernatural creature.

  1. Captain America (volume #5)

This is the story of the revival of Captain America's partner – Bucky Barnes – a partnership built during World War II.

Disclaimer: We believe that all comic book stories are fantastic. Please don't hate us if we don't include your favorite comic book – we'll make another list (just for you!)