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The Best Comic Book Fights of All Time
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The Best Comic Book Fights of All Time

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No one can deny that comics are spot on with their depictions of action-packed fight scenes. So much so that the writers read them with their hands clenched, waiting to find out who wins. To make your comic reads more enjoyable, we have combined a list of the best comic book fights of all time.

So sit back, put on your comic-book-reading shirt, and grit your teeth in suspense!
  1. Superman and Batman

If you are a comic geek, then Batman vs. Superman from the comic - the Dark Knight Returns has to be on your list. The plot was set when Gotham City's government assigned a task to Superman - to hold his reigns tight on Batman. This led to an impressive catfight between the two: one of the most exciting reads that this world has ever seen.

Ahhh…two of the best heroes of our time killing each other? That’s what we drama-lovers are into.

  1. The Punisher and Daredevil

This comic is full of fight scenes as the two characters are full of hate for each other, but the scene that takes the crown is the final showdown! The setting is a prime example of how far they can both go to defeat their enemies... The last scene is painfully spectacular as you watch the Punisher and Daredevil rip each other to shreds.

  1. Joker and Batman

These two have been on the list of all-time greatest foes, but the fight sequences are left hanging without a clear winner. However, the final show is priceless. Batman and Joker are seen battling each other with an underground backdrop. This fight is the climax of the rivalry going on for years, ending the scene where they both die with the hate they had for each other. Up here you find an extract from Batman: Dark Knight with the legend, Heath Ledger!
Batman is in this list a lot, maybe that’s why he visits Yammeya for his new costume designs so much!
  1. Invincible and Conquest

These two characters have had the grittiest fights, but their sheer brilliance is never appreciated. It is almost impossible to pick out one. All of the scenes that have these two are certainly some of the best fighting scenes in the world of comic books.

  1. Superman and Doomsday

The fight was a literal definition of Doomsday, as the two gathered dust while punching the life out of each other. The battle eventually ended with doom - as both of them pitted were not shy of Death itself.

  1. Wolverine and X-men

It's not easy to explain their relationship: they are family - one blood. But whenever there's a fight, they tend to spill that blood as the hate is always stronger. However, the fight sequence in Uncanny X-Men takes the trophy for being the most gruesome battle between them.

Family drama mixed with fights and deaths? Grab some popcorn!

  1. Eren and Titans

This fight forced readers to imagine the End of the World at the start of the episode. The scenes were brutal, with loads of bloodshed and secrets. The fight turned out to be between the Titans, because in the end, Eren was apparently a Titan too! The dust set after the battle, only to hit everyone with a hurricane of revelations.

Carry some tissues, because you’ll definitely cry like a baby.

  1. Hulk and THE THING

These big bulls have crossed paths in many fights before, hitting each other with all their might. But… the fight scene in Fantastic Four is undoubtedly in a league of its own. That's because it is one of the few times where Hulk uses not only his power but also his wits to defy the odds.

  1. Iron Man and Captain America

In Civil War, Captain America and Iron Man have a showdown in front of the rescue workers. Although Captain America emerged as the winner, he lost his respect among the public.

Was that really a win?

  1. Silver Surfer and Thor

This fight is all Loki's fault: convincing Silver Surfer that Thor was the apex of evil. Although the blood spilled in this fight is a sight to watch, it comes heavy on the heart because of the backstory behind it.