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The Best Comic Book Covers of All Time
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The Best Comic Book Covers of All Time

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Do not judge a book by its cover they say? Eh... that’s not true when it comes to comic books. That's because comic book geeks love it when creators go all out with their creativity and create something extraordinary. Because we all love to have a wall full of funky comics, right?

To make your collection stand out from others, have a look at our list of the best comic book covers of all time.

  1. Captain America Comics (1941)

This cover features our favorite Captain America for the first time! How amazing is that? This cover was created by the most legendary comic book artists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. That’s not all…. The best part about the cover is that we see the greatest villain of all time (Yes, you guessed it: Hitler) getting punched in the face by our very own Captain America.
Now that is a cover that you would want to have in your collection, no?

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  1. Superman Vs. The Amazing Spider-Man: The Battle Of The Century (1976)

Superman and Spiderman on the same poster? Well, that’s one hell of a poster. We don’t need to say more.

  1. Justice League (1987)

This legendary cover was created by Kevin Maguire and Terry Austin. It features the most iconic heroes and villains of all time and guess what? They all look like they are ready to kick some ass. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash, all in one place? What else could one ask for?

Grab some popcorn (wear your favorite comic book shirt) and get ready for some action.🍿 

  1. Action Comics #1 (1939)

There are many iconic things about this cover. But the best one is that this cover was made for the first-ever superhero comic book ever! How cool is that?
Created by Joe Shuster, it symbolizes the beginning of something we all love oh so dearly… Superhero comics!

  1. Marvel Zombies mini-series

A classic take on the world of Zombies by Marvel. It’s not like all mainstream comic book covers... There are no superheroes that will save people but Zombies (ready to feast on anything that comes their way). You know what’s more intriguing? The Zombies resemble some of our favorite heroes like Captain America…but not how we used to see them. Hmmm, grab a copy to find out what happened there.

  1. Detective Comics (2011)

This cover is a notable example of creative genius! There is a Joker and… Bats! How cool (ah and a little reminder of COVID) is that?

  1. Preacher (1995)

Is he a villain who just destroyed his enemy? Or is he planning to do something big? This horrifying cover of the Preacher will surely test your imagination! You may find it creepy but that is the best part about it… It stands out from the millions of covers there are in the world.

  1. Shatter Special (1985)


The poster features the main character of the comic, with a gun. Yeah, that is not something out of the box but…. Have you seen those graphics? The grainy and distorted style is one of a kind.

  1. Arkham Reborn (2009)

Ever wondered what it would be like if every villain of the comic world would be in one place? Well, that is exactly what’s happening here. Frazer Irving has symbolized the destruction that Arkham has caused in Gotham! Oof so creepy…... but you won't be able to hold yourself back from reading up on it.

Perhaps stick it up on your wall to be the coolest kid in the neighborhood (yeah now we are talking)

  1. Wonder Woman (1968)

This poster was made when the comic book creators wanted to catch up...This comic book cover screams women empowerment and we are here for it!!

Yeah, we know we might have missed on some of your favorite covers. Feel free to make a list of your own!