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Best Motivational Quotes Ever
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Best Motivational Quotes Ever

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Sometimes we all need a booster dose to feel better. Now you can do lots to rush that serotonin in your veins... maybe have your favorite dessert? Go out with friends? All of these ideas are great, but there's nothin' better than some good old motivational quotes!

Yammeya has got you all covered; you can get that adrenaline rush going with a motivational quote T-shirt! Ahh... we know what you are thinking... there are a gazillion quotes on the internet! What do I choose? Let's make it easier for you, shall we?

Here are some of our favorites that can fuel that fire for you! For example…

Find Your Fire!

This is one of those quotes that will just put you in the right frame of mind and get your fluids running! And if you work in the fire brigade…. (okay, bad joke, sorry).

Words are powerful, and they can turn your mood around in a wink and make your day a whole lot better. You know those types of quotes that you want to get tattooed on your forehead? (no, don't do that). There are better ways to do it (trust us) … for example, you can get it printed on a poster or set it as your phone wallpaper.

But here's the catch: that phone wallpaper will only make you feel better... you can't radiate that motivation around others. So, your best bet is to get your favorite quote printed on a comfy T-shirt. And when you head out of the house – you will make others feel good too (people need it these days, honestly).

You can find motivation in anything... Your friend got a better grade on the test! Now you have to improve too! Do you want to buy your favorite car? Then you will have to put in those hours. But yes, we know it's not as easy it sounds! This is why we take help from words…

If you're more of a philanthropist, consider this quote:

Beautiful Minds Inspire Others.

You should motivate others along the way. If you feel like your life is getting overwhelming. This quote will give you some motivation to inspire others and yourself! it's a win-win situation, especially when you're a CEO (lol).

However, people who are reluctant to do what they want in their life might find some solace in a quote like

Don't Be Afraid to Try.

We are all guilty of being afraid before trying out something new. Sometimes, you just need that push to take the leap! But use your brain too... You don't wanna jump off of a cliff wearing that!

You can flex all you want with these quotes, but we have saved the gem for the ending.. a quote that is the crux of all motivational quotes on the internet.
*Drum Roll*...

Good Things Take Time

Hustle is essential, but patience will make your leap longer! So, you guys get the idea? There are so many quotes out there. You better find something that will stir up that motivation within you or go along with the ones we have shared. Whatever sails your boat!