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The Best Comic Book Podcasts
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The Best Comic Book Podcasts

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Recently, people have started to use podcasts as entertainment. There are several reasons behind this like podcasts are easy to catch up on while you work your ass off on other chores.
Is that why we compiled a list of the best comic book podcasts available on the internet? Maybe so...but there's another secret reason!
  1. The Arkham Sessions

This podcast has been running for almost five years now. Jeez, that's a long time. Yet, the viewers still can't get enough of these hosts. Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Brian Ward take each Batman episode and dissect it in detail.
The Arkham Sessions is like a gold mine for Batman fans as they have DEEP details about every character and scene.
  1. House to Astonish

We all want to keep in touch with what's happening in the comic book world—are there any new comics coming out? Any sequels releasing soon? Well, you'll get just that with House to Astonish. As if that wasn't enough, the hosts talk in a Scottish accent! Yeap, imagine Outlanders but with nerdy, comic talk. You can reach this world at the following link: House to Astonish
We can already imagine people falling in love with the podcast.
  1. The Young Ones

The hosts—-Charlie Davis, Reed Puc, and Mikey Zee—create an atmosphere full of empathy and inspiration. Their podcast is about teen superheroes and everything in their life. Reach them at: The Young Ones
Why do we love the Young Ones? They always give Spoiler Warnings before getting into details, and at Yammeya, WE HATE SPOILERS!
  1. Wait, What?

Everyone has had a "Wait, what?" moment in their life when they're deep inside a comic book. Well, this podcast is all about those moments, but on steroids. The hosts, Graeme McMillan and Jeff Lester, talk about all the details of pop culture comics and reveal some mind-boggling information. These details will make you go whaaaat?! (Yeah, we can imagine the expression.) Just head to Wait, What?
  1. Doom Rocket's Casual Wednesdays

Are you missing out on comic news because you don't have the time to go through all the podcasts? Well, Doom Rocket Casual Wednesday is your knight in shining armor!
The hosts jump right away into a discussion about what's hot around the town—straight on-point and informative.
  1. Comic Book Bears Podcast

Sometimes, we all feel like we are running out of options for new comic books. The hosts have got the fix for all of us. They do the digging and find all there is to read.
It's about time that you put a dent in your wallet! Get your hands on some new comic books and comic book T-shirts (yay!)
  1. The Comic Conspiracy

The good old Shawn Mendes styled conspiracy theories... But only about comic books. The Comic Conspiracy is sometimes bizarre as the hosts talk about tiny details that we all may have missed... but if you're a sucker for comic books and conspiracy theories, this is the perfect combination for you!
  1. Dreamer Comics Podcast

Many comic readers out there, but only a few dare to create something of their own. And if you are a dreamer who wants to create, the hosts of Dreamer Comic Podcasts talk about publishing comic books, covering everything from A to Z.
  1. Capes On the Couch | Where Comics Get Counseling

Saviors rarely get the time to save themselves. In the episodes, the hosts talk about superheroes' mental health who are always busy helping the world, but sometimes they suffer because of it!

It's high time we talk about mental health! Be it humans or fictional characters.. Mental health awareness is the new cool!

  1. Major Spoilers: 

Usually, people are scared of spoilers, but then there are some crazy people... Okay, maybe not crazy? But let's put it like this: People who want to know about everything. Major spoilers will fill that void - the hosts do not shy away from talking about spoilers. But be careful... Just saying!

Well, the list is getting long! (yawn) Let's add an honorable mention that is worth your time:

The Comics Canon: There is always a series that leaves us with many questions that need answering. The hosts of comic cannon will do the deed for all the curious geeks out there!