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The Many Genders of 2020

The Many Genders of 2020


"Pink is for girls, and blue is for boys!" NOPE?

We all have heard this in our lives, at least once, right? Well, in 2021, there is no such thing as being gender-specific. Yes, the world is finally opening up to the idea of being your true self.

It doesn't matter if you're a boy who likes to wear pink. As long as you are happy wearing it and you feel like yourself (we STAN a pink king, haha). And if you are a girl who likes to wear blue, you can do what you want!

While most people are still apprehensive about being open to such gender fluidity, people define these years as years of revolution: where the taboos of our society are changing because of Generation Z (Yeah millennials too!). We've come a long way from a few years ago when things had gender...
  • Skirts = Female
  • Spikes = Male
  • Blue = Male
  • Emotions= Female


Poor things don't even know what we, humans, have put them in such boxes and stupid categories.

Colors and clothes aside, now many people are open to evolving sexual orientation. It is not two plus two four now! Boys can like boys, and girls can be attracted to girls.

We can no longer say that there are only 2 genders in 2021, as gender has more to do with how you feel rather than how you were born. It will be very uncool to say, "Oh, we're we team boys!" or "Team Girls!" at a gender reveal party! (yes, they are still a thing)

Just so you aren't embarrassed, we have listed a few REAL genders and not just something you see in movies!

For starters, we have transgender people! The word trans or transit describes them enough: Transgender people don't identify with the gender they were born with, and it's okay for them to do that! (It's a free world, so shut up, Karen).

Haha yeah, they're not like the majority (binary people) who abide by the rules that this world has set!

Moving on, we have non-binary people who do not associate with the conventional genders.

And for the people who don't like to be associated with any gender, they can wear comic book shirts, or sometimes enjoy wearing a beautiful dress!

Well yeah, sometimes this whole problem gets a bit confusing. So, you know what to do? READ UP! The internet is full of all the definitions and theories that will make your curious mind rest. And when you don't know the answer. Just let people be, you know?

If you don't understand their choices in life, it's okay! Because there are no rules in life. The only constant rule is to maintain your HAPPINESS! So the next time you see your buddy wearing some nail paint, don't be an idiot and ask him why? Instead, go and get him some more of that stuff!

And be more supportive because the world does NOT need more A**HOLES jumping around, shooting people with bullets, and hurting others with their actions.