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The Best Survival Games of All Time

The Best Survival Games of All Time


Life is all about survival… you have to be on your toes to stay afloat, or this world will eat you up: especially during Covid times.

Masks, sanitizers, and all that jazz.

An exotic dialogue says, "Jo jeeta wohi Sikander", which literally means "Only the winner gets crowned King" Isn't that true? YES, it's not fair but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Let's get to the point; here are the best survival games of all time, so you can be at least be King in a video game (sorry, not sorry).

  1. Frostpunk

Forstpunk is like a virtual version of the revenant. There is snow, lots of snow, and grumpy people instead of gorillas (phew). But you need to have those survival instincts to build a world in here. It's not easy, but easy is not fun in the gaming world!

On the flip-side, you get to be Leonardo DiCaprio for some time, and you will not die of frostbite - now it can't get better than this.

  1. Escape from Tarkov

What is survival without some pow-pow action? Yes, that is why Escape from Tarkov is on our list. You have guns and maps - you will find your targets and kill them. And, make some money with all the gins you see on the way… virtual money (not crypto, sorry).

And, it's different from your favorite action games because you can't just survive by killing others. There is another rule of survival - defense! And that's what you will need to Escape from Tarkov.

  1. Raft

Have you seen that show with Bear Grylls? Man vs. Wild? Ay yes, this is precisely that. Except, there is no jungle here. There's water… with sharks! And you will have to save yourself from the wild, wild west, find food and survive the waves (both literal and figurative ones).

  1. Ark: Survival Evolved

Keeping up with our bear Grylls obsession, Ark: Survival Evolved is the ultimate survival game. You don't even have clothes on when you land on this island. There are hideous creatures in there, and the weather is harsh! So you are responsible for your own food, water, and safety (welcome to adulthood, lol).

But on a positive note, you can live your game of thrones dream by riding on the dragons! (We believe in Arya Stark supremacy).

  1. DayZ (Not JayZ)

DayZ is a bit crazy because there are zombies. Yeap, we love a Lil wordplay! But, DayZ is not for the faint-hearted. There's so much going on that it is hard to keep track of things - first, there are zombies, then you can't find food in the countryside, so you have to literally kill to get some nutrition in your body. It's a lot, but that is the most fun part; you will never get enough of this game! (and you won't get enough food too, so brace yourself, kid).