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The Best Simulation Games of All Time

The Best Simulation Games of All Time

Do you ever wish that you could just go out there and do some crazy stuff... while being on your couch? Well, maybe it was not possible in the 1800s...

But this is 2021, baby!
And everything has come a long way. So, if you are lazy (like all of us) and want to be adventurous, we have something for you.

Drumrolllllll... SIMULATION GAMES! (BAA DUMMM TSSSS). Anyways, here are the Top 5 simulation games of all time!

  1. Elite: Dangerous

Elite is just what you expect it to be: ELITE (okay, bad joke). It's a space simulation game, and you get to travel to all the distant places while being in your comfort zone. But don't worry, not a single moment is dull.

There is plenty of sauce in this game; you get to crack on the government and play some dirty politics too. And the best part? It's free (yeah, now we're talking).
It's the farthest you can go in a simulation game because it's literal space!

  1. The Sims 4

Now this is a given, right?! You just cannot ignore The Sims. And, if you live under a rock - then imagine a world with no rules as you get to make your own.

The characters are much more complex and emotional (ah, just like us, humans, lol). But you know the best part? You can have 100 cats or 50 dogs... and your mom won't say anything, haha!

  1. Football Manager 2020

All Messi and Ronaldo fanboys come. It’s time to see what makes the great so great.

You know that feeling when you're watching football and imagine what goes on behind the scenes. How do the players pull off this galore in the stadium? Who's the mastermind behind it all? Well, Football Manager 2020 will give you some detailed insight into that.

It is text-heavy, and the character details are crazy. So if you do not like to play FIFA (duh), but you are still intrigued by the BTS (no, not THAT BTS), then Football Manager 2020 is just the right choice for you.

  1. Flight Simulator

Ahhhh, the good old feeling of taking off and landing (or crashing) huge airplanes brought right to your computer screen.

The Flight Simulator was a huge success and an important milestone for the developers of simulator games. No list of breakthroughs is completed without this one.

And to be honest, it was justified because we were all STUCK to the screens when a flight was in progress.

  1. Minecraft

No shit, Sherlock! Of course, we were going to talk about Minecraft. It's just like the real world but made out of Legos! If you want to go wild, use the survival mode. And if you like to be a bit crafty, then the standard mode would suffice.

And the best part? You... can't... step… on… a… LEGO and hurt yourself! (We hear a chuckle hehe).

  1. Civilization: Beyond Earth

This is for the strategic geeks out there. Imagine Minecraft or the Sims but on steroids - you get to build a world of your own from scratch, and you can do what you want with it. If you like nature, then your world can be like the medieval era.

But for all the tech-savvy geeks out there, you can go all out and build a futuristic city where robots rule humans (this is getting a bit dark, lol).

But the point is… it's your world, and there are no rules!