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The Best Psychedelic Music Artists

The Best Psychedelic Music Artists


Psychedelic music… sounds cool, right? Well, NGL, it really is! Psychedelic music is a wild take on the traditional music that we listen to in our daily life (nothing like a good playlist and long drives).

Now... there are so many psychedelic music artists (Fuzz Heady, The Flaming Lips, Ween) out there that have done some ahh-mazing work, and we are big fans!

(Hit us up on email; let's meet upon one of their concerts.)

The artists use different instruments like the electric guitar with lyrics that will make you think (warning: sometimes these songs take you to the dark-side!) to create a piece that makes the listener experience an out-of-body experience.

The craziest bit about psychedelic music is that you just don't JUST listen to the music, but you also see the sounds and listen to different colors! (no kidding).

Psychedelic Music Posters

The posters of these psychedelic albums must match the vibe, so artists go haywire with their ideas to create posters that work as the cherry-on-top of these music albums. Yammeya has some personal favorites too!

If anyone could draw psychedelic music, it would be the Martin Sharp's Exploding Hendrix cover – it's like someone spilled paint on a sheet, but the result was so damn good, almost like magic.


While something like Waymouth and English's work had both – the artwork and typography (you can't make sense of it, they're almost like code words). They used out-of-the-box ways to carve their posters, so much so that people had to ACTUALLY pay attention to make sense of what was happening in the artwork (a pretty clever way to get attention).

Getting your hands on such posters is challenging as they will cost you an arm and a leg, but Yammeya's Future Dystopia collection offers psychedelic art right on your shirts. 👕

Psychedelic Music Videos

Psychedelic music videos are an excellent pastime, but they can mess up with your brains 🧠 with mind-bending graphics!

Artists utilize every effect and color that they can imagine and arrange them to work (in most cases, they do). But again, art is subjective, so someone's trash WILL be your treasure and vice versa.

Jeu – George Schwizgebel's video is the perfect example of something that can blow your mind! Imagine everyone's thoughts locked inside a video... so many perspectives of the world: some scary, some joyful.

And, of course, Coldplay's Up&Up!

A masterpiece. Every frame of the video will make you go WOOAAHHH! What's that, ha-ha? It’s kind of trippy, so we recommend you watch a limited number of videos! (You won't be able to digest more...)


Mostly, you're listening to music. But in this genre, the music is listening to you! And it goes so deep inside, trust us, you can literally SEE the music happen with your eyes.

Y'all must be thinking, well, the only way to hear colors and see sound is with… *drugs*, and yeah, you are right because that's psychedelic music artists' aim: that you get such an incredible experience without doing any harmful drugs. ONCE AGAIN: don't do drugs, kids!