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Tesla: a man who lived an extraordinary life

Tesla: a man who lived an extraordinary life.


Nikola Tesla was a revolutionary scientist, but he was not a businessman like his namesake Tesla (to the moon). His life story is full of rejections and redirections (or like a roller coaster).

He was born in 1856 to a priest; however, he was more of a genius who could memorize an entire book after sleeping for around 3 hours a day. (No, Nikola Tesla wasn't an alien, but he was apparently in contact with them). I'm sure you all are thinking why he isn't as famous as Edison or Einstein?

Well, just so you know, Edison hired Tesla to do some work for him, BUT things didn't go as planned (Edison did him dirty tbh). He did not gather much fame or cash because his mind did not think about that side (he was always more concerned about science).

Tesla's Inventions

Let's not gossip like petty people (yup, we said what we said), and discuss Nikola Tesla's inventions - as those truly reflect who he was as a man! It does not matter if he did not make enough money, but his work contributed a lot to the world.

One of the most prominent of his inventions (almost an invention) was an idea that was disregarded mainly by the leaders was a mechanism that could make warfare obsolete (but we know why it did not succeed).

But that did not stop him, as his passion led him to a path where he received signals from outer space, but again, no one believed him (only to be proven right after a century). However, he led a bumpy life despite his brilliance (like he was ahead of his time). Perhaps if he was born in a different time, he could have made more waves (right back at Edison).

He did not give up though, (Tesla, the fighter) and tried to make the most of what he had and tried to invent more things. But a sad fact of his life was that he died with an empty wallet in a hotel.

Despite what went on in his personal life, all scientists should honor him for his work (yes, read some books and pay attention in class) and rock a cool tee from Yammeya! Or a hoodie (hehe).

But also learn a lesson from his life and take charge of your ability. You will find many boomers in life. Unfortunately, that's how life works - when you don't value yourself and your worth as an individual. People will continue to push you around.

But you know what? Be a B**** and tell them who you are! Don't let anyone dictate your life for you (and if you are good at something, DO NOT do it for free).