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Einstein's Brain and Its Unusualness

Einstein's Brain and Its Unusualness


Everyone has got a brain in their skull; it's not something unusual, right? Yes, and No - several people utilize their brains to the best or perhaps are gifted by the universe. When people mention such brains, there is this name that pops up in everyone's mind… Einstein!

It is used as a metaphor to compliment people when they are intelligent "Oh, he is the Einstein of this class" - How cool is that?

Where is Einstein's Brain?

You all must be thinking... "Well pfffft! Einstein is dead, so his brain is inside some coffin? I mean, it's a no-brainer, right?" Hold on to your horses because that is not the case! (no, he did not donate it! Read a science book, kid).

When Einstein died, his brain was taken out and dissected for an autopsy by a pathologist "Thomas Harvey" (no, he is not related to Harvey specter, lol). And after tons and tons of research and comparison, scientists found out that Einstein's brain was built a bit differently. His brain was thicker than the average samples. But, one must question how it happened? Was it because he was born that way? Or he trained his brain over time? We cannot find out the answer to that, but one thing is out of question… Einstein's brain was definitely unusual.

What is Einstein's IQ?

When people talk about brainpower, they often calculate the IQ, but Einstein did not take an IQ test (maybe they did not have the tools back then, lol). But humans are intelligent, so they estimated IQ is around 160 - that is a significant number, but people quote that Einstein's brain was beyond this estimate.

You all must be thinking that why don't we see more brains like that of Einstein now? Millions of people worldwide are brilliant, but a significant majority gets lost in the money rat race. While there is nothing wrong with chasing money (we all love to spend it) - sometimes it's more important to work on your skills rather than looking for more opportunities to sell. When the time is right... It will work!

Alright! Don't get too sad. Sure, you can't have 160 points on an IQ test (if you do, then WOW) - you can wear a cool Einstein hoodie and serve some look! (or eat some almonds and hope for the best?)