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How to Tie Dye a Sweatshirt
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How to Tie Dye a Sweatshirt?

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Tie-dye was a protest Art in the '60s. Later on, it became pop culture. 

To be qualified for a tie-dye, your sweatshirt must have the following qualities; 

⭐ Your bright colored sweatshirt has lost its youth and is fading away
It is a hand me down sweatshirt of your elder sibling
It is an unwanted gift that you cannot throw away. 
⭐ Most importantly, you want a tie-dye sweatshirt to be a part of a fad

    If your shirt has one of these qualities, congratulations! It has passed the first step.

    And we can now move on to the method of making your sweatshirt a masterpiece. 

    How to tie-dye a sweatshirt with bleach? 

    Here is the easiest and economical method for you. 

    This method is PG-14: Keep this method away from the reach of children. 

    List of materials: 

    1. Plastic gloves/ disposable gloves

    Tye Die Sweatshirt - Plastic Gloves

    1. Chlorine Bleach (steal it from your laundry room ) 

    Tie Dye Sweatshirt - Chlorine Bleach

    1. Stainless steel rack/baking rack (you can use the roasting rack from your kitchen)

    Tie Dye Sweatshirt - stainless steel baking tray rack

    1. A small sized tub

    Tie Dye Sweatshirt - Tub

    1. Large-sized rubber bands (No, don't steal them from your mother's jewelry box) 
    Tie Dye Sweatshirt - rubber bands
    1. Squeezer bottle (You can also use an ordinary plastic bottle with narrow opening) 

    Tie Dye Sweastshirt - Bottles


    1. Put your gloves on, cover the table with a used cloth, and spread your sweatshirt on it. At this point, maybe you would feel like you are going to do a nuclear project. Don't get excited. Stay calm! 
    2. To form patterns on your sweatshirt, use different techniques like rolling, scrunching, spiraling, etc. Use that big, fat brain of yours to make creative patterns.Tie the sweatshirt with the help of the rubber bands.

    Tye Die t-Shirt

    1. Fill half of the bottle with water and the other half with bleach. Shake the bottle with the speed of light. (okay, maybe a little slower than that!)
    2. Set the rack in a tub. Place the tied shirt on top of it.

    Tie Dye T-shirt

    1. Pour bleach on particular parts. Do NOT pour it all over the shirt, like you pour the ketchup on pizza.

    Let it be for 20 minutes... ...Tick tock….Tick tock. Time's up! ⏰

    1. Place the shirt under the running water in the sink. Make sure your shirt is VERY, VERY free of bleach.
    2. After this, put the shirt in a washing machine. Add a little bit of washing powder, like Salt Bae, and let it goooo with a 5-minute wash cycle.

    Salt Bae

    ⚠️Warning : Do not hang the shirt in scorching sunlight. That will fade the color from your shirt, and your face will tan.

    👍 Result : Wear it and show off as you bought it from Louis Vuitton's newly introduced tie-dye range. 

    How to remove tie-dye stains from clothes? 

    Tie-dye stains are not troublesome. They're a nightmare.

    Don't fret. Here are tips and tricks that can save your skin from the anger of your mama

    What you need to save your ass:

    1. A tub 
    2. Chlorine bleach and oxygen-based bleach (Put your reading glasses on and read about all the ingredients and instruction before buying) 
    3. Tongs ( Just pick 'em up from your utensil stand) 

    Method 1: 

    This method is only for white clothes (Oops, racism). 

    1. Fill the tub with tap water and add 1 cup of bleach to it. The quantity of water and bleach depends on the number of clothes you have ruined. 
    2. Stir the water. Wait! Did you put your gloves on? If not, then go and wear them. 
    3. Soak the whites in them. Wait for 10 minutes. Start thinking about what's wrong with your life. Ten minutes of guilty feeling are enough. 
    4. Now pick the clothes one by one from the tub and throw them in the washing machine. Do it gently, with all the love and care you didn't get.
    5. Add your regular detergent to the machine and spin. Your clothes will be as good as new. 

    Method 2: 

    This method is for stains on colored clothes. 

    Nowadays, many oxygen-based bleaches are available in the market. You can add them to the washing machine along with laundry detergent.

    Soak a cotton ball with vinegar, dab the stains with it, wash it regularly. You can also use lemon extract.