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How to make a hoodie bigger?
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How to make a hoodie bigger?

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Hoodies are an essential part of every closet. Ever since their invention, hoodies have never gone out of fashion (like a corrupt cloth dictator who pays everyone to stay in power). And if they are printed with comic stories, they simply become irresistible.

Somehow, they manage to be cosy and airy at the same time.

But what if when you enter the hoodie section in the mall, you see the best hoodie you’ve ever seen hanging there. You fall in love with it (love at first sight only works here)...

...but it's too short or too big (and you’re losing the love of your life?).

What would you do then? Cry?
Don’t do that: it’s not the end of the world.

Dry your tears and read on.

How to make your hoodie bigger?

Are your hoodies too tight? Are you feeling like hoodies are suffocating you to death? (Don't be dramatic).

Whatever the reason, just use the methods below to increase your hoodie’s size. If it’s your t-shirt that needs to increase in size, try this fun guide.

Method 1

  1. Take a bucketful of cold water. (You can also use baby shampoo or conditioner in lukewarm water instead of cold water)
  2. Drown your hoodie in it.
  3. Push the hoodie on the surface of a bucket.

Set the stopwatch for 30 minutes.
Tick... Tick... Tick... Times up!

  1. Pull your hoodie up from the bucket.
  2. Squeeze it lightly.
  3. Now stretch it with both hands. Don’t twist or perform any wrestling moves on it — just plain old stretching.
  4. Let your hoodie air dry.

Did it get bigger? Yes, it did if you’re normal. If not, try another method.

Method 2

  1. Place your hoodie on an ironing stand.
  2. Start ironing.
  3. Right after the ironing, start stretching it.
  4. Iron and stretch on the areas where you want it to be bigger. (Don't stretch it everywhere, it might end up looking like a potato sack).

Now try it on. If it's still not working, donate it. Be generous, do some charity work.

How to make a hoodie smaller?

Baggy hoodies sometimes do not fit everyone well and make people look like air balloons sometimes.

Or your mother is forcing you to wear the hoodies of your siblings that have stretched in all directions. (Now two people can fit in one hoodie, Ha!)

Here are two methods to make an oversized hoodie fit.


  1. Drop your hoodies in a washing machine.
  2. Set the machine on high heat.
  3. Give the hoodie more cycles than usual.
  4. The hoodie should shrink and tighten up.


Some hoodies are stubborn and may not shrink in size by high heat washing. In that case, it needs to be tortured more.

  1. Now put it in a dryer.
  2. Again, set the machine on high heat and give more cycles
  3. This process will definitely shrink it to a smaller size.

Cutting and Sewing:

If your hoodie is stubborn, this is the last solution. Go to a sewist and ask him/her to make adjustments. Don't try to do it on your own) because working with hoodies requires expertise, and you’re likely to be a noooooob.

If they don't have time for you, at Yammeya, we always do.