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How To Fold a Hoodie?
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How To Fold a Hoodie?

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For most—actually all—of us, folding of clothes is an annoying task.

If you are a teenager, it’ll seem like a needless task and if you’re a hardworking mama, you are definitely tired of folding the same clothes multiple times a day.
The next time you open your closet, it looks like a heap of garbage if you don’t learn how to quickly and awesomely (yeah we just made that word up) fold your clothes, especially the pesky hoodies.

Why not just let them be strewn all over the room; under the bed, on the chair? (Maybe because you don’t live in a jungle and the hardworking is going to spank you if your room isn’t clean and shiny).

This is for all the neat-freaks Monica Gellers out there. Let’s learn how to fold some hoodies.

How to fold a hoodie compactly?

  1. Pick your hoodie up.
  2. Stand in front of a flat surface whether it might be a bed or an iron stand.
  3. Put own your hoodie on the surface, the front facing-down.
  4. Now cuff the arms of the hoodie in the back (Imagine you are a cop that caught Pablo Escobar 🔫)
  5. The head of the hoodie must be face down like he is embarrassed because of his crimes.
  6. Bend the lower half of the hoodie horizontally and cover the upper half with it. It will look like a hoodie is kneeling down and has submitted itself to you. Remember the arms are now covered by a lowered half.

NOTE: THE ABOVE POINT IS IMPORTANT AND HARD TO UNDERSTAND. READ IT AGAIN. Or visit this page if you still don’t get it.

  1. Now bend half of the hoodie vertically, place it on top of the lower half.
  2. Fold the shirt again horizontally.
  3. Raise the hood and tuck the layers in it in the same way you cover the pillow with a pillow sheet.

Pick it up and be proud of your work!

How to fold a hoodie for display? 

Why display? Well, if you have a super-awesome hoodie like this one, you’d definitely want to show it off to the haters.

  1. Stretch your hoodie out on an even surface.
  2. Fold the shirt on both sides perpendicularly on the junction of neck and shoulder. (We’re sorry for using big words like perpen, sorry—perpedic, oh…—perdiecpe. Never mind, I can’t pronounce it)
  3. Start folding from the bottom in the shape of a square, it will make 2 or three layers.
  4. Turn it over, cover it with a hood.

Too lazy to read? Here’s some live hoodie-folding action.

Stack them in your closet and they’ll never bother you again. You can call yourself orderly, organized and get all the appreciation you want.

How to fold a hoodie into a bag?

There are many situations in which you can turn a hoodie into a bag:

  1. The used, unwanted hoodies you have swooped out of your cupboard.
  2. Your hoodies are old as hell, but you love them so much you won’t throw them away.
  3. You are obsessed with your laptop and want to keep evil eyes off it. (Yes, you can tuck that baby in a hoodie bag)

Let's make hoodies useful. Because recycling is always better than throwing things away.

🤔 Enough, we don't want a pep talk just tell us how to fold the damn thing?

How to turn a hoodie into a laptop bag?

⚠️ Word of Caution: It should not be a zipper hoodie because the zipper might scratch your laptop. Choose from these awesome hoodies if you don't have one.

  1. Spread the hoodie on a flat surface front down, arms stretched on both sides, just like you throw yourself on the bed after a long exhausting day.
How to turn a hoodie into a laptop bag 1
  1. Place your laptop on the lower half of the hoodie.
How to turn a hoodie into a laptop bag 2
  1. Turn over the laptop along with the lower part of the hoodie. Now your laptop is below the neckline of the hoodie.
How to turn a hoodie into a laptop bag 3
  1. Cover the laptop with the hood.
How to turn a hoodie into a laptop bag 4
  1. Tie both arms together, and use them as a strap to hang the hoodie on your shoulders like a cool teen from the 90s.
How to turn a hoodie into a laptop bag 5

And sadly, we’ll end it here. If you have any ideas that we missed, hit us up. If it’s good enough to write a Yammeya blog on, we’ll gift you a hoodie that you can spend the 2021 winter in.