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How to cut sweatshirt neck
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How to cut sweatshirt neck

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Opening your wardrobe and never finding anything elegant to wear is every girl's problem. It can sway your mood and ruin your day very quickly!

Is your wardrobe full of overused, tacky, boring and sweatshirts you don't like anymore?

Don't worry, and don't even think of throwing them away.
Use this Yammeya guide and give them a stylish and sassy look.

You will not just learn some cool life hacks, but also look like a thrifty person even if you’re clearly not.

Anyways, let’s get down to it.

Get rid of your lazy daily routine and set up your little laboratory comprising of:

  1. A flat table—use the iron stand
  2. Iron
  3. A pair of fabric scissor
  4. Ruler
  5. Fabric pencil
  6. A healthy pile of crewneck sweatshirts

First of all, put the pencil behind your ear to give yourself a professional tailor’s look.😊

Every pro tailor knows these two famous neck styles: Off-The-Shoulder Neck, Boat Neck.

    Off-The-Shoulder Neck 

    Cut sweatshirt neck - off-the-shoulder sweater

    Follow the below steps to give the exact off-the-shoulder look to your shirt. If not, your shirt’s soon going to become the cloth used for cleaning the house.
    1. Iron the shirt to get rid of creases
    2. Fold the shirt precisely in half vertically.
    3. On one side, mark 2 inches below the crew neck using a ruler.
    4. Turn the shirt over and mark the other side likewise.
    5. Run the scissor smoothly on the marked points. Make sure there are no ridges.

    You got yourself a classy off the shoulder neck shirt.💪

    Boat Neck

    Cut sweatshirt neck - Boat-neck Sweater

    1. To get the boat neck shirt, set your table exactly as you did above.
    2. After spreading the shirt on it, start cutting along the neckline from both front and back.

    Snip. Snap. Snip. Snap. Excellent!

    You got yourself a boat neck shirt without spending money. Don't forget to wash your dirty neck before wearing these kinds of shirts!

    How to cut hoodie neck

    If you have a hoodie that makes you feel like you are being punished in a pillory…what should you do?

    1. To be free from the choker-like neck, you just need a pair of scissors
    2. Grab your hoodie from the collar and find the point where the 2 layers meet.
      Cut hoodie neck - Junction
      1. Now, spread the hoodie on an even surface.
      2. Cut diagonally from the middle point in the direction of the upper layer.

      Wear it, and you should be able to breathe freely now.


      V-shaped Neck:

      Cut sweatshirt neck - V-Neck Sweatshirt

      To get a V-shaped hoodie neck, you need:

      1. A pair of scissors
      2. Thread and a needle

      Let's do it.

      1. Lay the hoodie down on a smooth surface
      2. Once again, find the point where the two layers meet using your super-Sherlock powers.
      3. On the seam, first, horizontally cut the upper layer. And then the layer below.
      4. Make a V shape down below the layers with the help of scissors
      5. Sew the layers back up with the lower part of the neckline

      There you go. You got a fantastic V-shaped hoodie.😄

      You might be happy after getting modern styles out of old hoodies. Now you can call yourself a smart life hacker…would MacGyver be proud?