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How to crop a T-shirt?
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How to crop a T-shirt?

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This article is about How to Put a Man on the Moon, written by NASA wished.

Sadly, we're doing a much less cool topic of cropping t-shirts. 

But why do you want cropped shirts? Because cropped shirts are cool but can cost anywhere from 69 to 420 eurodollars (hella expensive to buy).

You may be thinking about how you can get cool cropped shirts for free. You can't. Nothing is free in this world. (Except for, of course, Yammeya's love)

Gather the following, and let's make the best-cropped t-shirts ever seen:

  1. Your regular, boring shirts 
  3. And this guide

Throw all your lame shirts on the top of your bed and sort them out. (Make sure you pick the ones you hid under the bed to make your room look clean).

How to crop a shirt without cutting?

This is the first and the easiest method of cropping easy as shopping from our website is 😀

This method is for the super-cool shirt that you won't dare cut: a three-minute hack that will cost you nothing.

Front knot

  1. Put your shirt on. 
  2. Gather the front hem of the shirt like a bouquet.
  3. Make a knot. (We're hoping you're intelligent enough to make a knot)

Knot a T-shirt

No-cut knot crop t-shirt is ready!

Back Knot

  1. Follow the same steps, knot up the back of your shirt. (Just make sure you don't over-twist and break your arms).
  2. Hide knot under the shirt. 

See, it's too easy. Now you're good to go. 👍

How to properly crop a shirt?

This is a permanent method to convert your useless t-shirts into fashionable pieces of luxury influencer clothing.

Let's do this step-by-step:
  1. Put your t shirt on and stand in front of the mirror.
  2. Stop worrying about belly fat and decide how long you want your cropped shirt to be.

How to crop a t-shirt

  1. Mark the length with a colored pencil or use pins.
  2. Now throw the t-shirt on a flat surface. Actually, spread it gently; the shirt has feelings too... 
  3. Pick your clothing scissors up and make sure it's really sharp. (Don't point the scissors towards you, you don't want to know how one of the Founders of Yammeya had a gruesome accident 🙃).
  4. Start cutting two inches below the marked point. Try to cut it smoothly, and do not make ragged ridges if you want a smooth look.

How to crop a t-shirt

  1. If you are an amateur and it still looks jagged, make a hem with a sewing machine.
If you did a great job, bring all other useless t-shirts under your scissor and make them extraordinary.
And if you did an awful job, stop crying and just buy some new ones.
Because it's like we say, life is too short to not have insane clothes.